sábado, 5 de junio de 2010

Thagus and the sheriff boy

-32 páginas
-Full color
-Tamaño: 20.5x27.5
-Cuento en favor de la Ecología y protección de animales.
-Ilustraciones en acuarela en cada página.
-Incluye actividades.

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  1. 6-Thagus and the sheriff boy
    Neptune, king of the sea, has entrusted a really important mission to Thagus, the pelican. In order to achieve it, Thagus decides to fly to the coast of Peru in search of his dolphin friends. As soon as he landed there, he received really sad news: dolphins were hunted to use its meat to prepare a dish called ¨muchame¨. In these circumstances, and by pure luck, Thagus will find a boy named Julio who will help him in his mission more than he can thought.
    6-Thagus y el niño Sheriff