sábado, 5 de junio de 2010

Goosie and the Prince

-32 páginas
-Full color
-Tamaño: 20.5x27.5
-Cuento en favor de la Ecología y protección de animales.
-Ilustraciones en acuarela en cada página.
-Incluye actividades.

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  1. 2-Goosie and the Prince
    A friendly animal by the name of Goosie suddenly appears in the life of Prince Charles of England and tells his tale about the geese who are excessively fed against their will to produce foie gras (goose liver). Facing these facts, the Prince will decide to forbid the use of this product throughout England and will alert all citizens on the inhuman and cruel treatment of these animals. This is a story based on true facts, since Prince Charles has expressed his rejection towards the consumption and production of foie gras.